Satellite and Cable from the Perspective of a Guy Who Grew Up Watching TV That Came in over a Rabbit Ear Antenna

You can save money by getting certain services bundled together. However, don’t get anything you won’t really use. For example, our cable company offered cable TV, Internet and phone service bundled together. We have been using our cell phones exclusively since we moved here a few years ago. We really did not need a house phone. It would just be an unnecessary expense even if it was bundled at a great price. The bundle we did get was one of the Direct TV Internet bundles that was offered by DirecTV. We definitely will keep our Internet service, and we most certainly did want a good deal on our TV service.

Frankly, I don’t care if our television service is coming in by satellite signal, over cable or even through the new fiber optic TV service. All I want is a good price for the channels we watch. Of course we want HD, but high-definition is a standard, so it looks the same no matter if it is cable or satellite. Therefore, the price and features we wanted that no one else offered were the game changers. The big DVR and the ability to record multiple things at once is what sold us on the DirecTV. Adding in the bundled Internet service was just icing on the cake. Continue reading

Letting Our Love Go by John Cyrus Varquez Salaga 11/07/10

A life with you
is what I love.
Lovely smiles from you,
best gift I could have.

Your warm hugs,
sweet kisses,
lovely cute smiles,
my heart misses.

Oh loving you,
a dream came true.
I was the happiest,
no doubt the luckiest

There is nothing more,
my heart could ask for.
With you by my side,
a great life to ride.

Yet all of the sudden,
fate has stop the lovin’.
Brought us awful pain,
sorrows and hurricanes.

It broke my heart,
made us apart.
What this all seems to me,
an end of my destiny.

Yesterday oh yesterday,
what a wonderful mem’ry.
We laughed so loud,
and cried a sound.

We lived life happily,
yes we tried so gladly.
Went up the sun,
yet we fell down.

The world is so round,
Magellan had found.
I should have listened,
to the things he found.

Coz even though,
my love is true.
Still not enough,
to work it through.

It hurts a lot,
it smashed my heart,
shattered into pieces,
and left me here helpless.

True love is a gift,
but we let it drift.
Wish you and I could try,
to figure for a while.

Yes, maybe we can,
just have to be calm.
But looks like I’m just the one left,
hanging at the edge of the cliff.

Letting our love go,
hardest thing to do.
I just don’t know how,
yet I should know why .

Even if it makes me cry,
I am still obliged to try.
To give you space
and time to face.

To bid goodbye,
and let you fly.
Up in the sky,
alone you’ll try.

But even though,
our love’s now through.
It was still the best
I have loved its zest.

Wish you all the best,
time for me to rest.
Good luck to you,
in what you’ll do.

Just take it slow,
for you to grow.
To reach all your dreams,
how hard it may seem.

Now before we go,
I have words for you.
Please allow me to whisper,
phrases, wish to you would linger.

“I love you baby”,
truly and deeply.
“I love you just so much”
Passionately too much.

Top Dissertation Writing Services For English Literature Dissertation

English literature dissertation is quite different from many other scholarly works. The English literature dissertation writing needs a bigger level than that required for the standard scholarly papers. The students can search that they will require applying best expertise, established on their prior learning of literature, as the academic paper is generally needed for reward of the higher and advanced degree such as Masters or doctorate degree.

Therefore, the English literature dissertation is the bigger and extra mixed up part of the work than those they have undertaken beforehand, generally approaching as a conclusion of the entire study course. In addition, the academic paper in every order is normally on the subject, or aspect of the topic, that specifically demands the author that the reply to the ‘set question’. As above described, the paper has to be a fine piece of work as it will be evaluated at the very much higher level.

An assignment develops over the phase of wide interpretation and then concentrates on the unique niche that has been found. Uniqueness is the essential and keynote in making your English literature dissertation assignment winning so you are supposed to search a point of view or theme, not beforehand investigated by close reading of the most important texts and serious works.

Having settled on student’s English literature dissertation assignment theme, they require reading broadly the most important texts and serious works to develop what has been supposed and how their project work could include the main body of information on the topic. It is the one of orders for dissertation paper investigation. This is helpful to see bibliographies of the developed academic paper that they will search in these texts as they can be developing established, appreciated basics in their individual work.

In future, they require seeing at extra new investigation, continually updating and informing their notes, so that they are certain that their work has not been attempted earlier than they present or submit. The best resource for this is the educational magazines and journals where they can search knowledge which is still at investigative stage. There is generally the boundary to numerous electronic resources they might be utilized so by entire means go to the internet for your English literature dissertation assignment, but limit the number utilized and confirm all resources which you cite since not the entire websites are completely consistent and reliable.

You have to remember that the entire citations, from whatsoever resource, should be carefully referenced in the manner needed by their academic institutes. The significance of this could not be more than highlighted, as this can factually mean the dissimilarity between victory and failure. Search out that referencing style is utilized by their educational institution and stick to this strictly from the very initial note to the last review. As it is an English literature dissertation assignment, this can follow the rules to one style accepted by the college or university. The main styles, for instance Harvard, Oxford, MLA, etc. are normally utilized in English literature dissertation papers. You can hire the top dissertation writing services for fine results.

Difficulties In Writing Dissertation Literature Review

As you know that dissertation literature review is the most important part of the dissertation which provides validity and purpose of the topic. Its main objectives are to represent the recent knowledge and relevant studies regarding the topic. It is an academic project which is supposed to provide summary and deep description on a particular topic of the literary work. A dissertation literature review is piece of writing that is considered to be very difficult and needs high level of devotion and skills with high standard of the content. Generally, when you are writing, your mind must be unfocused and free of different other things which is quite essential as well. Your mind might be engaged at the various thoughts, for instance;

• What will be the beginning lines of dissertation literature review?

• How can you get appropriate guidance?

• How to complete project before the deadline?

• How to consider weakest points of the literature review?

It is observed that dissertation literature review comes before the methodology and after the introductory chapter. When you are writing review of literature, you must focus on your research work and you should summarize other different research work which is relevant to your topic and present the broad understanding of an academic area. What you want to do to represent which you understand about the topic and you have to explain that why others should be interested in your field of dissertation findings.

First, if you feel dissertation literature review as a burden for you, then you should go for expert help with dissertations who can easily assist you and give proficient guidance with writing and maintain your style. In this way, you can also contact senior students who can provide you with unique ideas and help you regarding your chosen topic. Writing must involve that how creative you are and your thoughts.

It is really difficult to find the resources and deciding which ones are very important for the topic. It is a common mistake that students usually write a summary of all individual references in point like a book review. They should not do these types of blunders in academic dissertation paper because it will be harmful for their future career. Your project must include the following points;

• A discussion about what is unknown and known research regarding your topic and also discuss relevant theories and references. You have to point out the important research.

• You have to explain that how your findings will improve the field and also why your search is important.

• A summary of main questions which are still unanswered and new improved methodologies.

Your dissertation literature review must be in an organised way:

Thematically – It discusses the research developments of your related field organised with vital ideas and themes. Students should conclude at least two or three themes and put more common ones first, which is followed by those that are more essential to your work.

Chronologically – It discusses your research development of your area over time beginning with the first credible source. You have to cite at least 8 to 10 references, involving some general relevance.

To have a clearer view and understanding, you can get a free literature review examples from online writing services. Or you can also approach the same services to buy dissertation at affordable rates.

Why automotive brochures and literature are important?

Brochure printing is considered an important marketing tool for businesses whether big or small. Not only does it help to increase customer response, but also lead to successful conversions. Overall, brochure printing can bring an entirely different angle to the marketing approach by keeping focus on the latest and greatest of the automobile world. Market shares are what dealerships are constantly fighting for. Brochures offer an easy way to convince the authorities for your offer.

Car companies use brochure printing to some extent everywhere possible – at tradeshows, showroom floors, for visitors of showroom, and for other events or purpose. However, designing just a brochure is not enough. There are various things to consider – like whether you are getting it done at the right price, are the brochures carrying the right message, or they are boring your customers, etc. A functional piece of brochure should carry all the right message and impression that you want your brand to convey. Therefore, it is important to know that you are doing the right things in the right manner.

Automotive brochures and literature provide the perfect opportunity to introduce a new model to the potential buyers. Carrying a solid message along with a stunning picture of the model, it helps to grab attention of buyers. So, it requires you to be smart with it and stay consistent with call to action.

In order to design a new brochure, you should ask yourself, what a user wants to know about a new car. It is good to keep the answers straight forward, which people appreciate. They like a brochure that offers them all the information from the very beginning without having to wander here and there.

A good brochure should have a well-balanced layout with strategically placed images, texts arranged impressively with a concise work. In addition, it should also have proper folding mechanism to ensure readability. Attention should also be paid to the kind of paper stock used as well as coatings applied. This is to ensure that the brochure reflects high level professionalism. The brochure should also go with the value of the car. For instance, when selling a luxury sedan, its brochure should also reflect the luxury, status and elegance that the vehicle is known to display.

Brochures should cover not only vehicle specifications, but also financing options if offered. Not every buyer is able to spend thousands of dollars in cash on the spot, so they want to know about an easy financing option. If covered in brochures, it helps customers make an instant purchase decision.

For all these factors, automotive brochures and literature are extremely important from marketing perspective.

Death versus Class: A subtle theme of David R. Slavitt’s “Titanic”

Death versus Class: A subtle theme of David R. Slavitt’s “Titanic”

The theme of class adds color to the poem “Titanic” by David Slavitt. However, the irony of death and its lack of respect of class lends an interesting perspective to how the speaker emphasis on class for the purpose of creating irony. The poem describes a major two-sided perspective of life with regards to the rich and the poor (or the noble and the humble) – how their lives, erroneously believed to belong to different planes, is in reality intertwined and interdependent. Most fascinating is how the poem projects death as a factor that creates an equal balance between the noble and the humble, which the speaker in the poem appropriately describes as “crowds of people” (line 5).

Titanic is a poem influenced by the popular mishap of the 20th century featuring the sinking of the RMS Titanic – a luxurious and enormous ship on 15 April, 1912, after the ship hit an iceberg that caused fatal damages the ship’s architecture. It is believed that “almost 1500 people” drowned in the sea when the Titanic sank. Slavitt’s Titanic well explains the events preceding, surrounding and succeeding the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The first stanza of the poem describes the fascination that had attracted people of varying social statuses to travel on the ship. The second stanza describes the sinking of the ship and the drowning of its occupants expressed as “go(ing) down” (line 4). The second stanza also paints a vivid picture of the merriment that was going on on the ship before it sank. Stanza three serves as an interlude, which the speaker effectively uses to express the popularity of the mishap, which has made it a choice subject of movies, books and folklore. The last stanza also gives graphic, yet euphemized detail of the horrors of the scene of the sinking, which features “cold water” (line 11-12) and “cries” (line 12). A final line is introduced at the end of the passage to reinforce the speaker’s emphasis on huge loss of lives, irrespective of status.

There is some haze over the identity of the speaker in the poem. He or she either happens to be either a survivor of the mishap or is created by the narrator to be a voice form the great beyond. The use of the first person plural ‘we’ further affirms the speaker’s role as a participant in the poem. However, whether he/she drowned with the other victims remains a major mystery in the poem. A puzzle is left in the last line in the poem “We all go: only a few, first class”. Here the reader is left to wonder whether the speaker was among those rich ones on the ship or whether he/she belonged to the poor travellers or servants to the rich.

The setting of the poem fittingly dates back to the early 20th century in England. Geographically, however, the mention of “water” (line 12) in the poem suggests that the ship was on the sea.

The poem has no rhyme scheme and this, in a subtle way, lends a great degree of explicitness of the speaker’s message. In a larger sense, absence of rhyme allows the speaker’s diction to be precise, aft and suitable for assimilation.

A major theme in the poem is death, however, class is also another strong theme. The speaker made use of symbolism “go down” (line 4) to describe drowning rather than mentioning the actual act of drowning. In combination with symbolism, the speaker uses euphemism to play down the seriousness of the expressions of death (e.g. “We all go” –line 14), drowning (e.g. “We all go down” – line 4), horror (e.g. the cold water is anesthetic” – 11-12) etc.

The use of imagery also enhances the beauty (or vividness) of the picture painted in the poem. For instance, the expression “with crowds of people, friends, servants, well-fed, with music, with lights …. (line 5-6), create in the mind of the reader, the picture of mixed classes of people and animated activity going on. Likewise, this expression lends actuality to the large numbers of people that perished on the ship.

Slavitt’s Titanic strongly evokes the disregard of death for people irrespective of their social status. The irony expressed in the last verse of the poem “first-class” portrays the vanity of riches and how, despite the belief of the rich that their money can afford them all the satisfaction they want, it (riches or class) does not matter when death comes knocking. All human suffer the same fate of death.

Works Cited

David R. Slavitt, “Titanic”. The Bedford Introduction to Literature. Ed. Michael Meyer. 9th ed. Boston Beford/St. Martin’s, 2011. 820. Print.
Gregson, Sarah1, “Titanic ‘down and under’: Ideology, Myth and Memorialization”. Social History. August 1, 2008.

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Romance Literature

Romance literature is very popular for the reasons that are very obvious. All people love to read romance and, the major reason is to keep them in tune with love. Many want to keep redefining love and, this is very vital. If you are a person who is seeking some romance literature entertainment, this is definitely your thing. The culture of reading is engrained in society and more and more book lovers are diving deep into romance books for the sheer pleasure and joy. The literature began being recorded by great romance authors of old ages. They were able to give their fictional account on romance. This was all inspired by reality and this continues to be the case. Most founding fathers of literature on romance were able to execute the love stories in a way that the reader was drawn in. They were able to set the pace as romance writing grew and became a huge industry. Today, some of the greatest romance writings are those that past authors brought forth. This is to say that romance and the idea of romance is timeless. Like wine, it gets better with age. Today, contemporary writers of romance have not disappointed the fans.

Romance literature is divided into many categories. There are novels, novellas, poems, short stories, plays and more. All romance literature has a way of impacting society. Love poems which were romantic are very popular when it comes to inspiring people on how to make their relationships even better. As a partner in a relationship, why not try saying a poem to your spouse about love. You will find that, no matter what the words are, it is going to make a positive impact in your life. Romance poems have been used to show love between partners successfully. In turn, people are able to express their love and affection in style and, in a more personal way. Novels and short stories on romance have been able to showcase what love and affection between two lovers is all about. Through the interesting characters, we are able to learn more about what to do when we want to be romantic. Like all other things in life, you have to read or study so that you can gain knowledge and information. Romance is basically the same.

Romance literature will be found in many books stores near you. You can also go online to find the books you are looking for. Online, you can also get to read literature on romance. With so many outlets of this kind of literature, you have no excuse not to read on romance. You will not only improve your love life, but, you will have more knowledge in this regard. Literature on romance will continue to take center stage as more and more people realize how important it is. It has the power to take us to the fictional world, as well as to history and the future. Therefore, we get to learn all the experiences of the past in regard to romance. We will be in a position to create something even more beautiful in the present. All thanks to the love literature.